Why Support United Way?

Each year with your help, UWSC works to create the best possible version of Seneca County. We recognize our donors and volunteers as experts regarding each of Seneca County community’s unique needs and as leaders capable of creating real lasting impact. We take our responsibility to donors very seriously and truly believe that a donation to the United Way of Seneca County is an investment in Seneca County.

  • We have well-established partnerships in place allowing us to quickly mobilize the caring power of Seneca County and direct resources to areas that will have the most positive impact.
  • We use and help collect local data to identify Seneca County’s greatest needs. We are flexible and have the ability to adapt to address Seneca County’s needs as they change.
  • UWSC is often a strong advocate for Seneca County in a world of ever increasing regionalization, encouraging geographic equity and ensuring that the needs of Seneca County receive the recognition and response necessary.
  • A donation to UWSC is an investment in Seneca County. 100% of your donations stay here supporting local programs and community initiatives working towards improving the lives of Seneca County residents.
  • A donation to UWSC is an efficient way to ensure your gift will be used to support Seneca County residents. All supported agencies are vetted by UWSC and meet high standards of financial accountability, governance and performance. We regularly track our UWSC Community Investment funding to ensure that it is specifically being used to support Seneca County residents and communities.
  • Your donation will align your efforts with hundreds of other generous donors, volunteers and advocates effectively increasing your investment. We truly could not do this work and only United can we impact every Seneca County resident, directly or indirectly.